Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dream Journaling

I started something new a few weeks ago...Dream Journaling. It's very interesting to me and I'm realizing that paying attention to your dreams can help you.

Here's how I journal my dreams...every morning when I first wake up I make it a point to try and remember my dreams. I'll be honest...some days I just can't remember anything. But most of the time I can recall bits and pieces and that's enough to get started. Then when I'm awake enough to get moving-usually while I'm enjoying my morning coffee and quiet time--I make it a point to record my dreams. You can hand write them, but since I'm on the computer so often through out the day I type them into a Notepad file.

I have to say that I already see a thread. Our dream journal group leader said last week that usually when you dream about a house that 'house' could actually be applied to you. For example I often have dreams about finding new rooms in our house. She said that probably means I'm discovering new parts to myself.

The dream journaling and the 'painting-a-day' have started to flow together. I dream in color and have for a long time. Since I've been paying attention to my dreams I seem to recall the bright colors more than anything so I hold onto those parts of my dreams and then I incorpoate them into my paintings.

A long time ago I heard this quote by Vincent Van Gogh...
"I dream and then I paint my dreams."

I could never even begin to compare my work to his, but I love the idea.

Today's paintings are both brown and pale blue. I see lots of requests for this color combination in my name plaque orders lately. I like it and must have been in the mood for those colors the day I painted these.

I'll post more paintings soon!
Until then,

Friday, October 12, 2007

My First 'Painting a Day' painting

I've been trying to do least one painting each day. When I told my husband my plan he said, 'You already paint every day.' He's right....I do.

I replied, 'Yes, but it's never what 'I' want to paint...I spend my days painting what every one else wants.' painting a day will be...

...the themes I want to paint the colors I want the design I choose whatever medium that strikes my fancy
...and so on...

I've been at it for a few weeks. I haven't been able to paint something every single day, but I certainly try. Somedays I'm just too busy...some days I'm just to dry and the ideas just won't flow...some days I'm too 'spent' from everything else. But overall it's been working out and I enjoy it. I plan to continue doing this until it no longer suits me.

Here's a phot of my first painting-a-day...

Enjoy! Until next time,