Thursday, November 8, 2007

I bought a book about signs...

...and I am very intrigued by it. On the cover it has this description..."How to interpret the coincidences and symbols in your life." I appreciate what the author shares because I believe that my listening to the universe and the signs I have seen along the way have helped me succeed in my business. I follwed my dream and listed to the universe and now I am so happy with the way things are.

It has a sign dictionary in the back and I looked up what the sun symbolizes...among other things here's what resonates with me...

"The sun can be a sign of power, strength and clarity as well as your own inner light."

I think of all of my daily paintings I like this one the most...and this was something that just came to me one morning.

Lots more on the way...

Until then,

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another dream painting

Okay, here's another painting from a dream I had. In the dream I was over at a friend's house and I couldn't stop talking about how beautiful her new rug was. When I woke up the next morning that colorful rug was the clearest part of my dream. So I decided to paint it. Now obviously the rug didn't really look like this. It had colorful flowers all over it, but it was a rug. I just took the colors and the design idea and painted in my style.

More on the way...until then,

Monday, November 5, 2007

More 'Painting-a-day' paintings

Here are a few more paintings I've made.

I know they don't make much sense. I don't know why but sometimes I just have this need to paint things like I have a zoom lens on my eye's a close range. And I also love to paint things very over sized and falling off the edge. Maybe that's a reflection of me now in my life...I'm big and going over the edge!

Oh well...I guess most would consider them to be somewhat abstract. I'm just painting whatever comes to me...either images that come to me throughout the day...whatever strikes me in any given moment...or sometimes I get these images when I'm relaxing--maybe when I'm about to fall asleep or just waking up.

Like I said...whatever mood, color or idea that stirkes me!

Until next time,