Monday, November 5, 2007

More 'Painting-a-day' paintings

Here are a few more paintings I've made.

I know they don't make much sense. I don't know why but sometimes I just have this need to paint things like I have a zoom lens on my eye's a close range. And I also love to paint things very over sized and falling off the edge. Maybe that's a reflection of me now in my life...I'm big and going over the edge!

Oh well...I guess most would consider them to be somewhat abstract. I'm just painting whatever comes to me...either images that come to me throughout the day...whatever strikes me in any given moment...or sometimes I get these images when I'm relaxing--maybe when I'm about to fall asleep or just waking up.

Like I said...whatever mood, color or idea that stirkes me!

Until next time,


Yomeow said...

I love this idea, too. A friend of mine is doing a similar thing but with photography, calling the collection 365 (one picture/day for an entire year). Neat!

Sarah said...

Lovely work! I especially like the first one...beautiful colors :) The "Painting-a-day" idea is a great one! :)