Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dream Journaling

I started something new a few weeks ago...Dream Journaling. It's very interesting to me and I'm realizing that paying attention to your dreams can help you.

Here's how I journal my dreams...every morning when I first wake up I make it a point to try and remember my dreams. I'll be honest...some days I just can't remember anything. But most of the time I can recall bits and pieces and that's enough to get started. Then when I'm awake enough to get moving-usually while I'm enjoying my morning coffee and quiet time--I make it a point to record my dreams. You can hand write them, but since I'm on the computer so often through out the day I type them into a Notepad file.

I have to say that I already see a thread. Our dream journal group leader said last week that usually when you dream about a house that 'house' could actually be applied to you. For example I often have dreams about finding new rooms in our house. She said that probably means I'm discovering new parts to myself.

The dream journaling and the 'painting-a-day' have started to flow together. I dream in color and have for a long time. Since I've been paying attention to my dreams I seem to recall the bright colors more than anything so I hold onto those parts of my dreams and then I incorpoate them into my paintings.

A long time ago I heard this quote by Vincent Van Gogh...
"I dream and then I paint my dreams."

I could never even begin to compare my work to his, but I love the idea.

Today's paintings are both brown and pale blue. I see lots of requests for this color combination in my name plaque orders lately. I like it and must have been in the mood for those colors the day I painted these.

I'll post more paintings soon!
Until then,

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Yomeow said...

This is a wonderful idea, Jane. I'm sure that painting your dreams will be not only inspiring but also a great remembrance/keepsake.